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M’Illumino di meno | Etafelt and the energy saving

On February 24th, Radio 2 (an Italian major radio broadcasting) encourages everybody to take part to the Energy Saving Day during the 13th edition of the “M’Illumino Di Meno” campaign.

How? Switching of some lights, going to work with a bicycle, cooking environmentally- friendly, spreading the message.

Etafelt is very careful about saving energy and every day of more than 50 years, take care for production of its items with strong attention to the subjects of security, innovation and environment.


The entire production cycle in the plants of San Mauro Torinese and Settimo Torinese, is guaranteed in order to ensure the compliance to all of the Safety Standards Regulations, investing all the necessary resources to maintain the production plants always on top with advanced technology.

A particular attention is placed to the surrounding environment, the legacy for the new generations. The Etafelt production plant in San Mauro Torinese is equipped with photovoltaic systems providing 270KW of clean energy, which satisfy the 100% of the requirement. Also a relevant part of the plastic used, comes from primary recycling productions.

On February 24th, everybody can join the “M’Illumino Di Meno” campaign.
Here is the Decalogue of the simplest, but most important actions:
1. switch of the light when not needed
2. switch off all the electronic devices, not leaving them in stand-by.
3. frequently defrost the fridge: keep the serpentine clean and separated from the wall in order to let the air circulate.
4. cover the pot while water is boiling and avoid to use a flame bigger than the pot itself.
5. if it’s too hot in the house, reduce heating instead of opening the windows.
6. reduce draughts in the window with insulating material, in this way, air will not pass anymore.
7. use curtains in order to create a space between windows and doors.
8. do not leave curtains cover radiators.
9. put specific insulations between the walls and the radiators.
10. Use the car the less possible, share it with the people making the same way. Use a bicycle in the city.

February 24th is the Energy Saving Day and the environmental-saving behaviors.
Let switch of the light and switch on the sharing energy.

The colors of Christmas | Do you know what they mean?


Before we start, please make peace with that red tin soda, Santa Klaus was red before that soda conquered the whole word.

Yes, colors have strong meanings and we know it, we manage colors every day, they also a lot of our mood and our story.

No other period of the year is so intensely identified with some specific colors as Christmas is: Red, Green, White, Silver and Gold . . . mention them and . . . . It’s Chrismas Time.

But why these specific colors? For some it is quite easy to imagine, but for others you will be surprised!

SILVER & GOLD: Gold is the color mostly representative for Kings. Together with Silver immediately suggest prosperity and power. With these two colors, we celebrate the birth of the Christ King.

GREEN: The tree, secular symbol of Christmas, but also the Mistletoe under which lovers exchange their promises looking at the future; green in, sure enough, the color of hope. In many portrayals of the second half of 19th century, Santa Klaus is
drawn with a green suit because, with his presents, he brings hope in the house. But you can find him also represented in Red suit also in that period, red suit that has been made “official uniform” by advertisement of that “red soda” we mentioned above.

RED: The color of kings, popes, aristocracy with suits, cloaks, tapestry and velvet carpets. Once again, the reference is about the kingship of Jesus.

WHITE: The snow, the ice the purity.

At the end, next to all these colors, Christmas is so sparkling because, with this kind of glitter, we refer to the comet that guided the Three Wise Men in their journey.

Nothing is random at Christmas and colors safeguard a world of meaning and history

A 3 Km long Story – HI-TEXT Ballpoint Pen

What is a Story?
Only a sequence of events and Real or fantastic cases, like dictionary says or there is something more?

We believe that is exactly that “something more” that make a Story be a “Story”, that talent in finding a link, a theme; a good storyteller is the one able to find it and cultivates it.

But if nobody tells a story it is like the story does not exist and if nobody writes it, the story’s risk is to disappear when somebody will forget to preserve it.

That’s why, HI-TEXT product are meant for writing, meant to stay near you while creating your story; either if you are writing it and if you are making it day by day, at work, at school, with your family and friends.

How long can a story be? One, ten, a thousand years?
What if it is . . . 3 Kilometers long?

Yes! In order not to abandon you half way to the writing of your tale, we have created our ballpoint, mechanical and gel pens. Inside a seemingly simple object, there are components not left to chance: the plug, the button, the barrel, the spring, the cap, the refill and of course the ink . . . than can lead you up to 3 km of writing in one only pen!

In Rome it could leave its sign starting from Piazza del Colosseo down to Piazza Colonna. In Florence would be able to leave a mark from the Fortezza Da Basso to Piazza Santa Croce passing through the Basilica of Santo Spirito and the Pitty Palace. In Turin, starting from Porta Susa Station, the perfect entry to this city for any traveler, would draw its sign up to the Gran Madre Curch.

You have the story: we stay near you while you write it.

Letter for a pouch | Is everything ready for your Back To School?

One of the most recalling words about school is “pouch”. It is the first thing you pull out of your schoolbag and it is the last one you recover. Books and exercise books change on the desk by the changing of subjects, but your pouch is always there driving through the school day loaded with pens, markers, pencils, sharpener, rubbers and ruler.

The pouch, day by day, enhances by new scratches, color spots, signatures, names drawings and soon becomes like a picture of the time spent together. The rumor of the zipper means life in the school, the beginning and after few hours, with a sweeter sound the school bell.

The word “Astuccio” (the Italian translation for pouch) used in the school world, comes from the Provencal language (Provence is a beautiful region in the south of France). It seems that the term “Estug” was used instead the word “Estujar” (Studiare in Italian, Study in English).

It will be for study, in fact, that starting from next mid-September, children and boys, whose parents are actually managing for buying books and all the things needed to be ready for the Great Back To School, will fill school desks again

The huge range of FIBRACOLOR and HI-TEXT products is perfect for living school as a moment for creative and inventive didactic moment. Precisely for pouches, we have created three  “Special Recharge” packs of Fiber pens and colored pencils:

18 Markers COLORITO fine point, Super washable
18 Colored Pencils MATI’ easy to sharpen
18 Colored Pencils RAINBOW easy to sharpen

The pack contain 18 pieces each in order to fit perfectly the 3 Zipper cases, the most common ones among younger students.

Have a good School everybody . . . . with FIBRACOLOR and HI-TEXT, of course!



An Idea for making this summer unforgettable (even without your Smartphone) | I-Decò T-Shirt

You can lay your smartphone and stop making selfies because we have an idea to suggest you that will make you create together with your friends a memory of this summer totally charge free and that will not endanger to be lost in the infinite labyrinth of your hard disks.

Recover your creativity, release your will to decorate, gather and involve your friends, and you will get a lasting memory of this summer of 2016!

What you need?

A package of Fibracolor I-Dekò T-Shirt markers
A white cotton t-shirt

What to do?

There are not specific instruction! You can pass the t-shirt one to the other and everybody will leave a token, a draw, am inscription, a signature. You can list the songs that are going with you and make you dance, the pleasant stories of your summer or sketch the shape of your hands!

And, if you enjoy, why not making all possible variations?

Our I-Dekò markers can decorate also wood, plastic, metal, stones, glass, pottery, shoes, ruck bags!

Then, at the end, you can get back your smartphones and share to us the result of your fantasy! Publish images of your creation on our website or on our official Fibracolor Facebook page.

Enjoy your summer, enjoy I-Decò

Let’s play | Grip 901

What is the first thing you think about if we say summer?
Maybe you are thinking about the sea or the mountain, an ice cream or a basket of fruit, for sure in your mind appeared many images full of color.

What if we ask the exact opposite?
What images will appear in your mind, if we name some colors?

We tried to play inspired by a pack of Grip 901 retractable pens and its 8 funny colors . . . and this is the result of our free summer thoughts.

Orange: apricots, orange ice lollypop, sunset on the beach.
Pink: skin slowly getting darker, tropical sand, grapefruit pulp.
Red: a slice of icy watermelon, strawberries, cherries, tomatoes.
Green: a scented pine grove, meadows, apples, mint cocktails
Light blue: clear sky, waves shattering on the beach, road signs showing the way for your holidays.
Blue: sea at the horizon, open sea, sweet blueberries
Purple: lavender, grapes, wine, blackberries and smoke on the water
Black: the mantle housing stars in the summer nights, shades to protect from the sun, shadow where to get some fresh air.
(Do you understand we feel the call of the sea?)

Which are your favorite colors? Which ones had better drawn your summer?

Let us know with a comment here on our website or on our Official HI-TEXT Facebook page